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An Israeli company has developed a fully robotic remote weapon station for helicopters.
Duke Airborne Systems says that its small-footprint, fully-robotic RWS (Robotic Weapons System) is the only system of its kind to successfully implement land-proven technology on an airborne platform. Using this system, missions can be completed without attack helicopter escorts.
According to the company the ultra-compact and exceptionally cost-effective system requires no dedicated operator – and enables utility helicopters to accomplish their missions independently – thus saving on resources. The system has a 360° firing capability, and a sophisticated built-in vision system.

Unmanned systems conference 2014 – Israel

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It occupies only a third of the cargo space near the door while providing a multitude of effective and critical features.
According to the developers, their RWS meets balance requirements and weight limitations, including a set of weights that enables instant adjustments to balance the helicopter.
In an emergency, the capsule and tracks can be easily jettisoned by the pilot, who has full control over the cargo hooks.
The company also says that with its “delta-robot” motion platform, the system is designed for extreme stability while in flight, handling most interference while maintaining target-locking.
Duke Airborne Systems CEO Aharon Sagiv said that the system including ammunition weighs 500 kg and can fit helicopters of the Blackhawk size and up.
He added that aerial trials are planned for the near future and negotiations are underway with potential partners.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief