Fast draw – Ban Ki-Moon

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and PA Chair Mahmoud Abbas

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UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and PA Chair Mahmoud Abbas
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and PA Chair Mahmoud Abbas

Had we needed yet another proof the UN is irrelevant, redundant and pitiful, we got our dose from the organization’s own secretary general only recently.

On Tuesday, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon announced he intends to investigate the damage to UN facilities in the Gaza Strip during Operation Protective Shield, as well as the use of these facilities to store weapons. Ban Ki-Moon spoke before the Security Council’s monthly forum concerning the Middle East and described his visit to the Gaza Strip.

Investigate Israel’s so called horrible deeds? In that case, why not investigate why Hamas has used those facilities to fire rockets against Israel, and not only for storing weapons?

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In case the secretary general wants an investigation, why not to investigate Hamas’ use of UN ambulances to transport munitions? How could it be that UN personnel in New York did not receive any reports from its people in Gaza about those arms stored in UN facilities in Gaza?

Let me tell you why. Because Israel is an easy target. Israel allowed the UN to grow accustomed to Israel’s kowtowing whenever it says.

So it’s high time the secretary general and his redundant organization be told thus: stop messing with us. Get your own act together first, then start becoming useful where people are slaughtered by the thousands. Only after that, can you address us.

But Israel is easy prey because it still answers to any call from the redundant edifice in New York City. So Israel’s government had better wake up and inform the UN: ’talk to us after you’ve actually done something useful’.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief