Tougher longer life armor glass


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Transparent armor is used in a large variety of military and police armored vehicles to provide superior situational awareness while preserving the security of vehicle occupants.

Particularly in military settings it offers dramatically improved situational awareness while maximizing the space within the driver’s compartment. The ability to effectively display night vision adds to the system’s capabilities.

The new technology replaces the conventional PC No-spall (shrapnel) plastic layer in transparent armor. The no-spall layer is typically attached to the ‘safe side’ of the glass, but it is subject to delamination, requires careful maintenance and reducing the lifecycle of the transparent armor.

iHLS Israel Homeland Security

Oran Safety Glass (OSG) will exhibit its ScreeneX the world’s first windshield with a built in LCD screen, suitable for use in military and civilian vehicles and all types of transportation platforms. “The feature-rich ScreeneX digital display can be positioned anywhere within the vehicle’s windscreen and it is fully integrated into the screen’s structure.

The ScreeneX can display high-resolution video, text and graphics including maps and video feeds from a control base or from sensors and cameras mounted on the vehicle and features an overlap of armored steel, ensuring no decrease in the protection level of the vehicle’s window. In addition, it is a military-grade screen, fully protected from ballistics, theft or vandalism.

ScreeneX is suitable for use in any vehicle which has a windscreen, from the smallest land patrol vehicles to heavy transports, as well as marine and air applications. As it can be used to channel night vision, the ScreeneX is suitable for missions at night as well as during the day.