Safe city: Ramat Hasharon, Israel – and Nanded, India


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Two Israeli companies are in charge of Safe City project.

Ramat Hasharon (- northern suburb of Tel Aviv), Israel, has nearly 50 thousand residents. Nanded, India, has half a million. What could they possibly have in common? Well, both are “Safe Cities”, having installed Israeli-made systems and devices designed to maintain public safety and security during routine times and emergency situations.

In Ramat Hasharon, they first had cameras installed all over town. City hall then adopted a more comprehensive and innovative concept: not just cameras, but a so-called ‘solid communication infrastructure ‘.

Magal, which has vast experience and reputation in developing safety and security systems in Israel and worldwide, designated the preliminary targets: public gardens, schools and Main Street. The idea was to make use of existing infrastructure, such as the alert system that had already been installed way back to be used in emergency. This system is now used to play music in the city’s main park.

When the Safe City project is completed, 80% of Ramat Hasharon will have wide band fiber communication. Also, the city will have hundreds of cameras and the residents will have free access to wireless systems, alert systems and panic buttons in preschools and on public grounds. Ramat Hasharon’s entire Safe City System is monitored and controlled via a control center that is operated 24/7. There is also a backup center.

Nanded, which is ten times bigger than Ramat Hasharon, also has mass tourism. The Safe City solution there has been awarded to NICE Systems. It comprises three key elements:

iHLS Israel Homeland Security

  • C-Cube command and control center, housed in the Nanded’s police department HQ. This is designed to provide reliable communication between law enforcement and the general public. The center comes complete with an alert system which maintains a rapid connection with the public
  • The NICE Situator event manager. This system enables protocol and procedure enforcement and allows the authorities to provide actionable, effective response to unfolding security events
  • The NICE Vision system is designed to provide crowd control video analytics

The combination of these three systems enables Nanded law enforcement authorities to be prepared at all times and stay ahead of events in this city of half a million residents and scores of tourists and visitors. The Safe City project makes for real time monitoring, emergency action and identifying potential threats which may result from overcrowded areas – a constant menace given mass tourism.

NICE Security Group Executive Vice President Chris Wooten: “the system is based on the ability to assist organizations to monitor, analyze and leverage Big Data (enormous quantities of data) for the purpose of predicting, managing and investigating safety and security risks. The system’s cross-referencing features, generated by a large number of sensors and communication channels, are used to trace unusual patterns as well as to identify behavioral patterns.”

NICE’s safety and security solutions have been deployed throughout Nanded to provide mass event security, safeguard organizations, banks, vital infrastructure, and so on.