Could crowdsourcing boost America’s homeland security?


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What should the US government do to keep the homeland secure? At least one government organization genuinely wants to listen to the public. The mission of the Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology (DHS S&T) division is to provide innovative solutions to the nation’s homeland security challenges.

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From now until Sept. 7, officials are inviting citizens to speak up and advise them on future security as part of the “Collaboration Community.” Over the past several months, DHS S&T has been preparing its “Visionary Goals” to act as a roadmap for future security challenges.

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Based on the policies and priorities of the White House, the 2014 Quadrennial Homeland Security Review, and guidance from DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, the division is also looking for input from the public to help formulate its goals.

Dr. Reggie Brothers, the newly-appointed under secretary for DHS S&T laid out the initiative’s goals in statement emailed to FoxNews. “S&T is dreaming big and we need your help – I am reaching out to you our partners across DHS, the response community, industry, academia, and the entire homeland security community for your insights in defining S&T’s Visionary Goals for the future.”

The DHS S&T “Collaboration Community” is hosted on an unclassified, publicly accessible website that invites participation from truly anyone with an opinion on how to improve future security. The website lets citizens post their ideas for review and public comment. Users can vote to show their support for others’ ideas, although participants can choose to post their comments anonymously.