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18315594_m egozi featureHamas dictated all the moves throughout Protective Edge, including what time the ceasefire takes effect. Hamas also fired the last shot.

Israel’s intelligence failed big time when it comes to the magnitude of the threat posed by Hamas attack tunnels and Hamas artillery capabilities.

Israel’s defense community failed in terms of its preparations against the attack tunnels. Years of neglect exploded in our faces when the first terrorist emerged from them.

Just as no effort was made to handle the threat of tunnels, they did not realize the immense danger posed by simple weapons, namely the mortar shells. No precaution was taken, and this claimed Israeli lives.

Israel’s cabinet, which was supposed to be the body steering the campaign, turned out to be a bunch of loudmouthed ministers whom the minister of defense and the prime minister took very little consideration of.

A few ministers, as well as the IDF’s chief of staff, made unfounded claims, and this undermined what little confidence the public still had in the so-called leadership.

These strange phrases, “quiet shall be answered by quiet”, “arrangement” or “vanquish”, were born in the cabinet room in the minds of those who lack the guts to go all the way.

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The cabinet, to be exact the prime minister and the minister of defense, did not realize what had happened, and probably still do not: the inability of the IDF, curtailed by the government, to defeat a terrorist organization, attests to what is going to happen in Hezbollah-governed Lebanon, and in the very near future, what will happen in the regions ISIS, this extremist organization, will conquer.

The concern in Israel of “what will the world say” paralyzed the cabinet. The ministers fail to realize that any decision by the UN Security Council, the Council of Europe or what is referred to as an international investigative committee, in fact have any real value. The issue is discussed for two days and then it languishes in dusty archives.

The people living along the border with Gaza, all excellent men and women with rare motivation, have lost their confidence in the government. They have been abandoned for 14 years, and they just realized that even now, having been forced to evacuate from their own homes, no one is thinking about them. Israel’s IDF, under the country’s failed leadership, did not succeed in preventing communities from being evacuated. What will happen if tomorrow, the Hezbollah will begin firing rockets? Where will the residents of Tel Aviv be evacuated to?

In summation, 50 days of fighting that cost numerous human lives and injured many more, did prove the IDF is a strong, determined army, albeit with a feeble leadership that tied its hands. This is what we call a disgrace.

Start preparing for the next round.