The Gaza Wake-Up Call

The Gaza Wake-Up Call

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hamas FeatureThis article is as a wake-up call to my Western liberals friends who are shocked and full of criticism for Israel when they see photos of destruction and injuries from the Gaza Strip. You deserve to hear the facts.

In an interview this month by CBS’s Charlie Rose in Qatar Hamas leader, Khaled Mashal reiterated Hamas’s refusal to recognize Israel’s right to exist even if a Palestinian state were to be established in the future. In response to the question of whether he would be willing to co-exist alongside the State of Israel and recognize Israel as a Jewish State, Mashal answered simply – “No”.

During the current operation in Gaza, thousands of Hamas missiles and rockets were aimed at the Israeli heartland with the intention of harming many Israeli civilians. Hamas did not take pains to achieve precision in its rocket striking capability. On the contrary, the rocket hits were meant to be random.

Hamas misused the Palestinian civilian population in its attempt to protect its launch systems, military headquarters, weapons depots, command and leadership. Hamas is well aware of the values and moral inhibitions that Israel imposes upon itself in its military operations in the densely populated civilian territories.

Hamas did not hesitate to publish exaggerated casualty figures and lie about the number of civilian casualties, refer to military clashes and ambushes as a massacre, or conceal the identity and military role of terrorists who were injured and killed in battle, claiming that they were Palestinian civilians. In addition, Hamas refused to maintain ceasefires and violated humanitarian breaks in fighting that were unilaterally initiated by Israel – ceasefires intended to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian population. From Hamas’s perspective, horrific images from other areas of conflict, such as the civil war in Syria, can be recycled and attributed to Gaza.

The fact that the number of Palestinian casualties over the past month of fighting under the above-described conditions is approximately the number of casualties in one day of fighting in the Syrian civil war reveals the hypocrisy and double standards of the civilized western world. The United Nations and other international organizations are ignoring the crimes against humanity being committed by Israel’s fundamentalist enemies every other day.

My friends, you would do well to internalize the fact that Israel is the projectile blocking layer against which waves of fundamental Islamist terrorism crash on their way to attack the liberal-democratic world. As such, Israel is protecting you.

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