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11332016_m כקשאורקThe Alabama Department of Homeland Security has recently institutionalized a detailed 3-D mapping system, called Virtual Alabama, which aims to create maps of public buildings in order to prepare responders in the event of a security emergency.

As the Anniston Star reports, the tactic behind Virtual Alabama is to immerse local responders to the intricacies of key structures before the knowledge is ever needed.

Recently, like other places within the state, the city of Anniston is developing maps of the county’s school’s in order to prepare.

According to HomeLand Security News Wire the program introduces first responders and school administrators to online images which are layered with information including emergency safety plans, the locations of hazardous materials, evacuation routes, and places designated as safety zones during disasters as well as live video surveillance feeds.

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

In the time of a crisis, emergency staff can have instant access to detailed information during the initial chaos that can be profoundly critical for the implementation of quick and effective operations.

Currently there are 36,000 users at more than 3,000 different agencies that are familiarizing with the software online. Virtual Alabama is only available for government and education officials. Superintendents of schools also have the ability to choose which employees have access to the system.