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21775939_mPilots arriving at Ben Gurion Airport have reported powerful laser beams aimed at their cockpits. The source of the beams was identified as the “triangle” area of central Israel, home to many Israel-Arabs.

Ever since the new airport runway was opened, flights head north and then arrive towards the runway from the north-east. Pilots have reported several incidents of powerful laser beams aimed at their planes. While similar reports have been received in the past, this time there’s a significant rise in their frequency.

Experts say that a powerful laser beam blinds the pilot for a few moments, endangering the plane during critical segments of the landing process.

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

Catching those responsible is next to impossible, since law enforcement agents have to be very close to the laser beam’s source in order to identify the culprit.

Aviation security sources told iHLS that if the situation continues a special police unit will have to try and locate those aiming the lasers.

Knowledgeable sources said that the beams were only aimed at planes belonging to Israeli companies. Even without looking at a plane’s markings, those responsible for the laser beams can consult flight schedules and choose their targets accordingly.