World’s First Automated Autorotation will Revolutionize Aviation Safety

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Skyryse introduces the world’s first automated autorotation, making history for aviation security and reshaping safety standards.

The California-based startup has completed the world’s first fully automated autorotation emergency landing procedure, a breakthrough feature that will become a standard safety measure on all Skyryse-equipped airplanes and helicopters.

Skyryse focuses on aviation software and safety technology, and its highly automated flight control system boasts dozens of first-of-its-kind safety features including a simplified control system and the world’s first fully automated autorotation.

Every year there are over 400 lives lost in general aviation accidents in the United States alone, so Skyryse’s commitment to enhancing safety is expected to be a pivotal step for the industry.

According to Interesting Engineering, autorotation is the intricate and challenging process of landing a helicopter without power. When the engine fails, the helicopter’s main rotor loses power, and the pilot must rapidly execute a series of manual controls to convert the aircraft’s stored energy into a controlled descent. With a critical window of only a few seconds, the pilot must assess the situation, select a suitable landing spot, and execute flawless maneuvers to ensure a safe descent. The precise coordination required in autorotation makes it a daunting task that demands exceptional skill and precise coordination of multiple controls within seconds.

Skyryse’s technology features a reimagined Human Machine Interface (HMI) and streamlines this process, making it accessible even in very challenging scenarios. The system utilizes flight controls and sensors to quickly detect power failure, and once triggered it autonomously executes a series of maneuvers at the push of a button —nose alignment, stability management, flare completion, and finally a graceful landing.

Skyryse successfully demonstrated its fully automated autorotation at its Flight Test and Performance Facility in Los Angeles, with the accomplishment being officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the first automated autorotation landing by a rotorcraft.

This groundbreaking technology aims to mitigate the risks associated with engine failure, a scenario that demands swift and precise action from the pilot. Skyryse’s system not only detects the power failure instantaneously but also conducts the autorotation with unparalleled efficiency, maintaining a higher main rotor RPM to provide pilots with more stored energy to work with.

Skyryse’s achievement opens a new chapter in aviation safety, proving that technology can be a game-changer in preventing accidents. The upcoming reveal of the first helicopter with Skyryse technology in Q1 2024 is highly anticipated, showcasing a leap forward in safety standards for the industry.

This information was provided by Interesting Engineering.