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220px-NexusLaneThe NEXUS Program celebrated its millionth passenger this week entering intoU.S. territory.

Nexus is a special program from the Ministry of State Security, HLS and U.S. Customs to enable regular citizens with low risk profiles, – undergoing testing and sorting early – to enter between the U.S. and Canada quickly and without lines. It entails a minimum of checking identification on the spot and requires no security check in at all in special ports of entry.
U.S. authorities are encouraging residents to join the Nexus program so more people an cross the border and move between the two countries , which in turn will help both economies.

Members of Nexus have access to fast entry ports on land, sea and air from Canada or US. A citizen of either US or Canda can go through specialized centers set up in both countries. The citizen will get a special certificate and may cross the border at any port of entry either by land, sea or air with pre-checked identification and minimal inspection.

Authorities of the Homeland Security in the U.S. and Canada explained that the program, founded in 2000, is designed to enable agents to control the borders of the two countries and ther by concentrate their full efforts on the professional examination, scans and security inspections of suspicious passengers or those defined HIGH RISK. This means that they can spend less test time on innocent passengers who have already passed preliminary tests and do not constitute any risk.

This week saw the Millionth  Nexus project passenger enter U.S. territory.