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warningMDA Director General, Eli Bin cautioned: You must avoid congregating in remote areas and protected areas, adding that “this will save lives.”

Firefighters and rescue workers all over the country joined the 84 Fire Fighter graduates that just received their fire fighter pins to help efforts in the south.

They were alerted over the last few days to vulnerable and falling buildings.

So far in the six days of operation Protective Edge the MDA paramedics have treated 208 casualties nationwide, including 11 wounded by shrapnel from rockets, demolition sand fires which have broken out. Six were injured in road accidents that occurred during alarms, 36 were injured from falls and accidents that took place while running to shelters and 151 were trauma victims.

Fire activity volume increased in recent days due to damaged buildings and fires which broke out in the south. Southern Fire and Rescue Authority is kept on high alert, with reinforced stations for manpower and equipment, and they reported that firefighters are being equipped with flak jackets, helmets and mounting special bullet proof shut downs to allow free movement within firing ranges.

Firefighters joined recent graduates who have completed their training in firefighting school and now wear the pins from the fire fighting and rescue Commissioner Shahar Ayalon.