New Mobile Phone for First Responders

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Photo: Motorola Solutions
Photo: Motorola Solutions

Effective communication during emergencies is a matter of life and death, especially for search and rescue units, police officers, fire fighters and other first responders, men and woman in charge of saving lives.

A new phone, the LEX755, joins the communication measures used by first response units to remain in control during emergencies.

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

The phone, developed by Motorola Solutions, is a 4th generation handheld device that supports LTE, cellular and IP networks. The device runs a secure version of the Android operating system, and provides push-to-talk capabilities, real time video intelligence gathering and electronic forms for debriefings and incident follow-ups.

The device allows users to respond to incidents using data collected by every team member, through information processing applications and a quick user interface. Physically, the device is hardened, resistant to harsh environmental conditions, ergonomically designed and cheap to maintain.