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9777330_sRussia’s Aeroexpress, one of Russia’s biggest transportation operators, has deployed NICE Security solution including the Situator Situation Management Solution, NiceVision IP Video Surveillance Solution, and the NiceVision Video Analytics Suite as a part of its strategy to provide passengers with a secure, convenient and dependable way of travelling.

The company’s solution unifies all of the sensors and systems, allowing them to be managed from a central control centre.  The solution enables Aeroexpress to anticipate, manage and mitigate security and safety risks, as well as improve operations.

At the heart of the system is the Situator, which integrates all of the various systems and sensors used in a given environment to create a single, comprehensive view. This enables the  Situator to correlate the data inputs and proactively present to operators potential unfolding situations. The NiceVision and the Video Analytics (VA) capabilities enable Aeroexpress to manage a variety of network cameras including advanced AXIS IP cameras. In addition, Intrusion detection perimeter control for sensitive or restricted areas such as permit parking and limited-access buildings is used for automatic detection, tracking and alerting to the possibility of intruders.

NICE VA and Situator work hand-in-hand. The VA identifies any suspicious objects or activity and creates an alert, which the Situator then places on the operator’s screen with the relevant camera view — all actions being performed automatically and in real timey.

Aeroexpress has also discovered that the NICE VA system can be used to ensure customer service and satisfaction as well. Video analytics can identify when excessive congestion at exit turnstiles exists or when long queues form at ticket counters. Operators in the control room are alerted to the situation enabling them to take action. Customized reports provide trend analysis for these parameters, and yield valuable insight about average waiting time and crowd-level patterns, enabling future improvement such as better scheduling and staffing.

Aeroexpress, as a major transportation operator in Russia, offers high-speed railway service between Moscow and its major airports, as well as Sochi (the host city of the 2014 Winter Olympics), Vladivostok (the host city of the APEC CEO Summit 2012), Kazan (the host city of The 27th World University Summer Games) and other cities. Aeroexpress transports over 14 million travelers annually.