magal_cyber_security_Fortis4GMagal security systems announced that it is expanding its business proposition with integrated physical-cyber protection solutions. As part of this strategy, Magal acquires Websilicon – an Israeli-based leading company in the rapidly growing network management and monitoring markets.

MAGAL’s new cyber security solutions will monitor, detect and protect against abnormal network activity, both landline and wireless, within and close to protected sites. Cyber and physical events will be managed by the same platform – the Fortis4G, which is already installed in hundreds of sites.

The Cyber Security market

Since digital electronic technology has permeated every aspect of the business, critical sites are now exposed to new threats. The core production technology within sites, utilities, the information systems and even the security system itself – everything is now connected to the cyber world, and thus exposed to cyber threats due the bad and old motivations – terror, crime, hooliganism, espionage, etc. Therefore critical sites can no longer suffice in physical security and IT firewalls; essentially everything has to be protected.

Magal’s Cyber solution

The core solution will be based on advanced communication monitoring – wire-line, mobile wireless and satellite – which will intercept and alert for attacks, worms and other threats. The “sensors” will report into a unified Security Operation Center (SOC) into Fortis4G – a top notch centralized threat command and control platform. The unified SOC will eliminate the current silo approach which artificially disconnect the network security from the physical security and thus save resources and strengthen the overall security.

Since every site is different Magal will use its homegrown products as well as 3rd party products and tailor a turnkey solution for each site, supported by the full span of services: cyber risk and threat analysis, site survey, holistic cyber security Solution design, integration and post sales cyber monitoring, reviews and upgrades.

Eitan Livneh, President and CEO of Magal S3 said that the traditional physical threats to sensitive sites are now exacerbated by cyber threats, which have the potential to jeopardize the mission of our customers. “Unlike the physical space, deterrence barely exists in cyberspace, and therefore in this cyber decade, seaports, airports, power utilities, cities and in fact, any business cannot be left protected with only physical security.”

WebSilicon is a leading company in the rapidly growing network management and monitoring markets. WebSilicon develops unique hardware and software products enabling management to monitor devices and traffic probes in network environments.

Established in 1998, WebSilicon is proud of a track record of successfully deploying over 150 systems for more than 60 customers and service providers in the telecom, datacom, security and intelligence markets.

Magal S3 is a leading international provider of solutions and products for physical and cyber security, safety and site management. Over the past 42 years, Magal S3 has delivered tailor-made solutions and turnkey projects to hundreds of satisfied customers in over 80 countries in some of the world’s most demanding locations.

Magal S3 offers holistic and integrated solutions for critical sites, managed by Fortis4G – our 4th generation cutting edge Physical Security Information Management system (PSIM). The solutions leverage our broadest portfolio of unique homegrown Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS), advanced outdoors CCTV / IVA technology andholistic Cyber Security solutions.

About Fortis4G for cyber


Fortis4G, a C2 platform designed from the ground up to provide a unified view of threats to security and serve as an operational situation room and command post.

Fortis 4G can process data & events from hundreds of devices such as access control, cameras, smart perimeter sensors, intrusion alarms, fire detectors, motion detectors and communication and voice networks. It handles a single campus as a single security entity, enabling comprehensive multi-sensor alert and response management.

Fortis4G is now extended to cope with Cyber security events by adding to diagrams of networks, digital terminals, etc. and by incorporating the right processes and tools for first reaction, threat analysis, escalation etc.