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Illustration (123rf)
Illustration (123rf)

An El-Al 737 flight en route to Munich from Ben-Gurion Airport was forced to make an emergency landing in Sofia, Bulgaria on Thursday morning after a passenger caused a disturbance on the plane. The 30 years old German passenger harassed other passengers and then hit a cabin crew member in the back. He was subdued by the crew.

All El-Al flights have armed security guards on board. The passenger was removed from the plane in Sofia and the flight continued to Munich. A joint investigation of the Israeli and Bulgarian authorities has begun in an effoprt to know the reason for the incident.

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

Many such incidents are reported in the aviation inustry and are related mainly to‘Air rage’ (or sky rage) . This is a name for extreme misbehavior by passengers on aircrafts.

Air rage is the product of several factors.It may be caused excessive alcohol consumption combined with a feeling of helplessness, both within the cabin and through being exposed to long delays, as well as general psychological feelings of lost control due to the stress and anxiety certain people feel when flying.