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2701493_m featureBelgian Prime Minister Di Rupo allocated 10 billion euro for improving and upgrading cyber security in Belgium, an amount the government was obligated to spend.

Over the last few months there many security breaches have been discovered in Belgium’s national security and telecom infrastructure. During May some believed that the Russian government may have implanted a virus into the networks of the Belgian federal foreign ministry, in order to discover how Brussels plans to react to the situation in Ukraine.

iHLS – Israel Homland Security

In his latest executive order the prime minister tasked the members of his government with giving all government and security officials encrypted mobile phones that are protected against espionage and security breach. The government will allocate 300,000 euro for this purpose even before the May 25 elections.

In addition, 1 million euro will be spent on creating a digital system that will allow judges and security personel to safely communicate concerning sensitive issues, such as terror. Additional funds will be allocated for the formation of a proposal by private consultants concerning a national emergency plan, a plan that will go into effect when the nation’s communication networks are at risk. 1.23 million euro will be allocated for the establishment of a new national cyber security center.