Futuristic Combat Helmet for U.S. Soldiers

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Illustration (123rf)
Illustration (123rf)

Every army wants to eliminate the confusion and chaos that can occur in a battlefield environment. A new system developed by DARPA may achieve.that , The system is dubbed Urban Leader Tactical Response, Awareness & Visualization, or ULTRA-VIS.

The ULTRA-VIS is a helmet worn, holographic display that gives troops locations of friendly troops in the area as well as aircraft and other assets. It also can identify enemy locations complete with elevation and grid location which could expedite the use of assets such as aircraft or artillery against enemy positions.

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Darpa says that the display allows soldiers in any environment to slice through the fog of war with a simple heads-up display that doesn’t affect the soldiers’ total vision. Instead, holographic icons are superimposed on the soldiers’ normal field of vision. Wherever the soldier looks they can see the grid location, vital for calling in air or artillery assets, as well as see the elevation or where they are looking. It will also allow them to see any aircraft that might be in the area, even if it is obscured by clouds. It can even identify friendly troops on the other side of a building.