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Tens of thousands of agents, hundreds of drones, all guarding the U.S. borders

2702326_m featureOver the last few years the law enforcement agencies of the Department of Homeland Security in the U.S. have intesified security along the American borders, using unmanned aerial vehicles and agents on the ground. They have managed to stop cyber crimes aimed at credit card theft and sexual crimes against children, preventing billions of dollars of potential losses.

According to a new DHS report tens of thousands of agents and UAVs are protecting the country’s borders from illegal immigrants and smugglers. The entire south-western border is covered by UAVs, with 650 miles of border fences completed so far. The number of agents serving along the border is 18,500, the highest in 88 years. 2,200 border patrol agents serve along the northern border, a 500% increase compared to their pre-9/11 number. The entire area between Washington and Minesota (950 miles) is covered by UAVs, and so is the area between New York and Ontario Lake (around 200 miles).

Over the last three years DHS agents have confiscated 74% more illegal money, 41% more drugs and 159% more smuggled weapons compared to the years 2006-2008.

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As for cyber security, the U.S. Secret Service has Electronic Crimes Task Forces focusing on locating international cyber criminals involved in intrusions, cyber attacks, bank fraud and information theft. DHS agents were involved in the arrests of hackers responsible for damages estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars in credit card fraud, in addition to $600 million in damages to financial organizations.

In 2011 DHS cyber-agencies prevented $1.5 billion in potential losses by investigating cyber crimes. Charges were brought against 72 suspects involved with an international criminal network dedicated to sexual abuse of children.

Source: DHS website