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yedidia yaari president of rafael.

“RAFAEL sees big potential in the safety & homeland security markets” Says admiral (Ret.) Yedidia Yaari, president and CEO of RAFAEL ADVANCED DEFENSE SYSTEMS.

Yaari, former commander of the Israeli navy, added that the core capabilities and unique systems that have been developed during the years, enable the company to offer integrated solutions to protect strategic infrastructures such as oil pipes, gas rigs and many others.

Yaari said that RAFAEL, as a designer and developer of multi-disciplinary, field-proven “system-of-systems”, is well-versed in complex large-scale integration and development of solutions for critical asset protection programs. This, he said, both for Israel and for various countries around the world.

“RAFAEL and our proven building blocks are one of the few worldwide companies that can provide an end-to-end solution for today’s challenges in critical asset protection, and well into the future – with our vast experience and based on extensive knowledge gained over the last 60 years.”

One good example for RAFAEL’s solutions is the radar carrying aerostats. RAFAEL had supplied to India this system to protect some sections of its borders. RAFAEL will compete on India’s follow-on tender for radar systems carried by Aerostats.

This, in spite of the fact that the Indian ministry of defense decided not to give the contract directly to the Israeli company, but issued an international tender. Indian sources said that by mid 2013 the ministry of defense will issue a new tender. Companies that are expected to bid are – BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, Thales, Israel Aerospace Industries and Russia’s Rosoboronexport.

RAFAEL will bid with new versions of its aerostat carrying radar systems. Radars mounted on aerostats, enable long-range, low-altitude detection of hostile aircraft and cruise missiles.
RAFAEL has established a subsidiary, RAFAEL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (RDC). This is a unique company blending seemingly contradictory disciplines into viable commercial products.
The company uses defense technologies to develop civil products.