Can tactical weapon systems be adapted for the use of anti-terror units? The demand for very accurate systems that are capable of defeating terrorist is growing.

One such system is Elbit systems’ guided advanced tactical rocket (GATR)

The GATR is, according to the Israeli company, is a very capable replacement for the Hellfire missile. The company claims that the GATR costs one third of the price and will be tailored to asymmetric warfare that is the type fought around the world .

The GATR will be easily fitted to combat helicopters that are currently armed withe the Hellfire missile .

Elbit says that is has an effective range of 8 km and with the laser guidance will ensure very precise hits.

The GATR is being developed jointly by Elbit systems and ATK. In 2009 the two companies had performed the initial flight tests of the new low cost missile.

GATR is a precision strike weapon that was designed to minimize collateral damage, while providing stand-off deployment against a wide array of target sets. GATR supports lock-on before or after launch as well as autonomous or remote laser designation. The system can be deployed against targets at ranges of 1.5 to 8+ kilometers from fixed and rotary-wing aircrafts. It is compatible with existing 2.75/70 mm launcher hardware.

GATR will be particularly effective in urban areas or against targets where a low collateral damage solution is required.