Future UK Armored Vehicles – Potential for Israeli Companies

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Israeli companies consider offering systems for the new British army combat vehicles.

British military Land Rover during the first Gulf War: It's time for a change (Wikimedia Commons)
British military Land Rover during the first Gulf War: It’s time for a change (Wikimedia Commons)

This as Britain’s future protected support vehicle lineup is starting to emerge as the Defense Ministry moves forward on acquiring four different armored machines.

According to Defense News the move comes as the MoD confirmed that about 2,000 protected mobility vehicles will be brought permanently into the Army’s core equipment program, having been purchased for the war in Afghanistan.

The MoD has officially advertised its intention to begin issuing requests for information early this year as part of a market survey effort, as the four operational support vehicle programs enter their early stages.

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

Starting with a lightweight recovery vehicle that the MoD’s Defence Equipment & Support organization said it wants in service by 2016, the British military is looking at adding a multi-role vehicle-protected (MRV-P), a protected battlefield ambulance and a vehicle able to carry a protectable palletized load system by 2020.

The fourth machine, a lightweight air-portable recovery vehicle, which will need to be able to wade ashore in support of Britain’s commando forces, is in the assessment phase and replaces the elderly Bedford-based machine.

The military has been mulling its options for the vehicle types for some time, but last month’s notice in the MoD Contracts Bulletin signaled progress.

Israeli sources told I-HLS that the British procurement opens a market for different systems like protections systems from rocket and missiles , different sensors and remotely operated weapon stations.