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Following the recent privatization of the Eilat Port, management decided to upgrade security in all of the port compounds. The D.O.G-Sec company won the new contract and installed its perimeter security system throughout the port.

The new Eilat Port security system
The new Eilat Port security system

Before the integration of the new systems guards had to be positioned at compound entrances 24 hours a day, a significant long-term economic burden. In addition, guards can’t always respond quickly enough or adequately respond to more sophisticated break-in attempts. The old security sensors sometimes didn’t alert the guards when a break-in did occur, in addition to a high rate of false alarms.

One of the components of the new system is the D-Guard, a motion sensor especially designed to protect walled compounds against intrusions. Tremors in the security fence create an electric signal in the sensor systems, its magnitude based on the type of the intrusion – either a true infiltration attempt or weaker disturbances caused by wind, rain and other daily activities. The sensor also acts as a microphone, allowing operators to listen in and determine whether an intrusion is taking place.

IHLS – Israel Homeland Security

The VERTEX system was integrated into the port’s control room – a video processing and command and control system. It records and processes the input from all of the security cameras in the port, the perimeter fence and gates, the access control systems, all RFID devices and more. It monitors, analyzes, automatically runs scenarios and shortens response times.

The old security cameras were integrated into the new system, with new PTZ cameras added. When an alert is received from a particular section of the fence the cameras zoom in on the area quickly and automatically, until a human guard makes it to the incident location.