iHLS TV: Chemical Terror Attacks – A Security Nightmare

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Interview with Shahar Belkin, CTO of FST 21, on the concept of “convenient security”, security systems that don’t interfere with daily life. The full interview will be published on Thursday, January 30, 2014.

Articles featured in this video:

The Israeli company SDS, a developer of threat detection systems, unveils a security system that can almost read minds


Fibrotex, Israeli camoflage manufacturer, will supply specially modified, static and mobile camoflague systems to Finland’s army


Chemical terror attacks in crowded airport terminals – the greatest nightmare imaginable to security experts


iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

SenseFly unveils new UAV tech that allows their aircraft to take 3D photos without the use of a camera gimbal, utilizing new navigation algorithms


The U.S. Border Patrol uses remote control robots in the fight against drugs and terror