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No Surprise in Israel after the recent “work-related incident” which led to the death of the Palestinian Authority Ambassador to the Czech Republic.

12780486_s featureThe Ambassador, Jamal al-Jamal, was killed after opening an old safe after moving it into his Prague residence. A source in the Czech Republic said that the explosion was caused by irresponsible use of dangerous explosives. The Ambassador was killed in an explosion at his private residence, in the Suchdol neighborhood of Prague.

According to Czech media the blast occurred when the 56-year-old Ambassador opened a safe which was located inside the house. Embassy spokesman Nabil al-Fahel said, in an interview to the Czech national radio station, that the Ambassador was in his home, with his family, at the time of the blast. He added that doctors at the hospital decided to administer anesthesia. The local police announced later that the Ambassador died from his wounds.

IHLS – Israel Homeland Security

According to the Palestinian Foreign Ministry the blast took place while al-Jamal was moving an old safe. A Palestinian source interviewed by Reuters, however, added that the Ambassador “was transferring an old briefcase from his previous residence to his current one. The blast was triggered when he opened it”. According to Reuters the damage from the blast could not be seen from the nearby street.

As mentioned before, sources in Israel were not surprised. According to Israeli sources many of the Palestinian Authority embassies double as terrorist centers. “They transport weapons and explosives in diplomatic packages that go unchecked. We’re not surprised. These places contain a large amount of weapons and explosives, to be used in terrorist attacks.”