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7400339_s featureThe U.S. Secret Service wants to find a contractor that can provide regular corrective and preventative maintenance for 48 vehicle barriers, bollards and gates currently protecting the White House, so this security equipment can experience a minimum of 90 percent up time.

The agency released a solicitation last month that calls upon prospective vendors to submit their proposals by December 23 in their effort to win a firm fixed price/time and materials hybrid contract.

The United States Secret Service (USSS) currently has 48 vehicle barrier systems located at the White House complex in Washington, DC area that require continuous maintenance to ensure that the barriers are in top operating condition 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” says the solicitation document.

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In addition, the Secret Service has partnered with the National Park Service to study the possible renovation and upgrading of the vehicle gate systems surrounding the White House. “The contractor shall have the experience and knowledge to integrate the new technology into the existing preventative and corrective maintenance programs,” the solicitation continues.

According to Government Security News the chosen contractor will provide oversight management, labor, equipment, tools and necessary supplies to maintain 38 bollards, six gates and four Nasatka hydro-electric plate barrier systems. As part of this effort, the chosen vendors will maintain all component parts and subsystems, including induction detection loops, signal lights, infrared safety detectors, batteries, audible warning devices, control panels, switches, keypads, buttons, actuator arms, nuts, bolts, connectors, fasteners, wiring, etc.