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13360553_s featureThe global homeland security and public safety market will grow from $305 billion in 2011 to $546 billion in 2022, says a new report at Homeland Security Research Corp.

Aviation Security: This market, which was dominated by the U.S. and the EU during 2002-2012, will be overtaken by China and the Gulf states during the 2014-2022 period. These regions will combine to a market share of more than 60% of the global sales of the new aviation security systems and devices.

Big Data: The HLS & public safety related Big Data technology market is forecasted to grow at a 2014-2022 CAGR of 37%, the fastest growing HLS & Public Safety technology sector. The U.S. market share is 51% while the EU market share is forecasted to take more than 21% of the market.

Cross-border illegal immigration, organized crime, smuggling of goods & narcotics, and terror are the main drivers of the land border and maritime security markets growth.

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

Safe Cities: As you read this preview, over 2300 municipalities around the globe are executing or planning their Safe City projects to enhance civilian security, safety, local economy and quality of life. A Safe City price tag ranges from $billions (e.g. Dubai $2.3 billion, Guangdong Province Safe City Corridor $6 billion) down to a few $millions for a community safe city project.

According to recent reports (e.g., the UN) climate related Natural Disasters grew during the recent decade by more than 13%. The Natural Disasters Preparation & Response equipment cumulative 2014-2022 market is forecasted to surpass the $150 billion level.

Cyber Security: Driven by Cyber-Terror and Cyber-Crime, the Cyber Security 2014-2022 market is forecasted to be the largest HLS & public safety technology sector, with cumulative sales of more than $700 Billion