Airport security check point, luggage carts.The explosive detectors of all types deployed in airports and other sensitive locations need calibration in order to stay effective.

We usually look at technology as a magical “black box”, and if a passenger passed screening or trace detection systems without an alert  – we automatically assume that things are clear. That is not always the case; these “black boxes” need maintenance and periodic calibration in order to stay accurate and effective.

Addressing these issues, the Tamar group has developed a kit that allows testing, training, calibrating and validating explosive trace detection systems as if real explosives are being used.

The kit allows the calibration and simulation in the safest way. This kit contains a wide range of stimulants that replicate the detection characteristics of the types of explosive materials most commonly used – military, commercial and improvised. The materials simulate the chemical traces left by real explosives, while being completely inert and safe to use.

This kit was developed for the purpose of training, testing, calibrating and validating explosives detection systems based on explosives trace detection technology (ETD), such as handheld trace machines, stationary sniffers, chemical kits and more..