CAD: Non-Military Use of Less Expensive UAVs

CAD: Non-Military Use of Less Expensive UAVs

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The trend today, of technology immigration from the military world to the HLS and commercial field, is clear. After the C4I transformation, the current technology immigration is about un-manned systems, though not really mature in the military world.

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When approaching the commercial UAV market, one has the bear in mind that the resources ( = money) allocated for technology “toys” is much less than in the defense money, and the major weight is against personnel, not against soldier’s lives. The cost of a commercial UAV is crucial for it’s assimilation – even when the meaning is degraded capabilities (endurance, payload quality, range).

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The common commercial tasks required of commercial UAVs are:

  • aerial photography
  • surveying land and crops
  • monitoring forest fires
  • Monitoring environmental conditions
  • Protecting borders and ports against intruders

In order to accelerate the development process, minimize mistakes in the design stage and make tests as cheap and early in the development stage as possible – we use simulation, testing and modeling software tools to simulate and go over the design and review stage of a new product.

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IHLS – Israel Homeland Security

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Exploring alternatives Stage:

Autodesk UAV  3

Concept Design and Simulation:

Autodesk UAV 4

Virtual Wind Tunnel Stage:

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CFD Simulation:

Autodesk UAV 6

Structure Concept:

Autodesk UAV 7

Detailed Structure Stage:

Autodesk UAV 8

Stress Analysis Stage:

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Model Analysis Stage:

Autodesk UAV 10

Virtualization Stage:

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