American Company Introduces New Security-Screening Kiosk

American Company Introduces New Security-Screening Kiosk

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Qylur Security Systems introduces the Qylatron, a security screening system for quick processing at entrances to crowded venues and mega events. The system verifies the identities of visitors and scans their bags, is capable of identifing many threats simultaneously, reduces security costs and improves visitor experience – while maintaining respect for their privacy and personal space.

Qylatron wide shot medium
The Qylatron. Photo: Qylur

The system allows automated, self service-security screening, and is intended for use in busy public venues such as sports stadiums, music concerts, tourist attractions, airports, train stations and more.

IHLS – Israel Homeland Security

The Qylatron has been successfully tested at Liberty Park, at an American stadium and at an international airport. Following its pilot the system was officially approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. It integrates several technologies, such as chemicals detection, x-ray scanning, radiation sensors, IED detection and more. In addition, it replaces the need to verify identities and the need to have workers manually regulate visitor entrances. The system’s design allows the scanning of several bags simultaneously, in order to reduce waiting times and avoid long queues.

The Qylatron incorporates five scanning chambers for visitor bags. While the owners enter the security screening area through an integrated gate located nearby, the system autonomously scans their bags. If it detects any explosives or chemicals the scanning chamber locks and seals itself, sending a warning to the security personnel.

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