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The tunnel found on the Gaza border was built with Israeli aid. It happened because our government, with unusual stupidity, decided to transfer hundreds of tons of cement into the Gaza strip, for “humanitarian causes”. How stupid can a government get? Are leftist European organizations putting that much pressure on the Israeli leaders?

Tunnel dug under the Karni Crossing. Illustration Photo: IDF Spokesman
Tunnel dug under the Karni Crossing. Illustration Photo: IDF Spokesman

Well, we can see the results clearly. In the past the Israeli government gave assault rifles to the Fatah organization in the West Bank, and now they gave cement to the Hamas in Gaza. Stupidity has no limits in Israel, apparently.

40 years have passed since the Yom Kippur War, and the idiocy that led to that fiasco has been fully revealed only recently. Here and now, in front of our very eyes, another fiasco is slowly unfolding. Israel supplies Gaza with everything. The cement transfers have now been stopped, but they still transfer fuel and electricity. No other country in the world supplies its sworn enemies with resources like this making it look like the Israeli government wants to be the world champion when it comes to fiascos.

The head of the IDF’s southern command said, after the tunnel was discovered, that if any undiscovered tunnels will be used to conduct a terrorist attack “Gaza won’t look the same”. Please. I’m sure Major General Turgeman meant it when he said it, but the government that gives him orders won’t dare to order that kind of harsh response. It hasn’t been done in the past and it won’t be done in the future.

iHLS – Israel Homeland Security

It’s clear that the Hamas, mainly for the sake of its own survival, is preparing for the next round of combat, and it’s clearly going to be much more severe than what came before. Any junior analyst can see that the IDF has the power to end any Hamas aggression in just a few days, but it will have to use force, massive amounts of force. What will probably happen, though, is more inane “bombardment of launching pads”. Sure, some people in Gaza may die, but the most common cause of death will probably be uncontrollable fits of laughter, at Israel’s expense.

In our little corner of the world everybody but the Israeli government understands that you need to carry a huge, heavy club, and use it with little hesitation. Once again, it hasn’t been done in the past and it won’t happen anytime soon, either.

If you still have any doubts about our government’s ability to make unbelievable mistakes, here’s more proof – the defense establishment recently decided to reduce military presence in the Israeli towns and villages on the Gaza border. Why? No one really knows. Now, after the tunnel was exposed, Deputy Defense Minister Danny Dannon said that “we’ll have another look at it,” but the initial decision itself is still confusing. Did the Gaza border area suddenly transform into a peaceful European resort? Doesn’t look like it, but stupid decisions don’t have to be based on reality.