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Photo: FST21
Photo: FST21

Entering the office isn’t usually perceived to be the most exciting part of the work day, especially if the security level at said office is high. You reach the entrance, stop, and use your access card – or perhaps enter a code or press your finger to the reader. What if you could skip this entire process, without compromising security? The Israeli company FST21 is developing advanced access control solutions, which allow security systems to identify individuals while in motion – exactly like the security systems in Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise.

FST 21 recently won ASIS 2013 security accolades with its Digital Doorman solution – an In-Motion Identification Access Control system utilizing the company’s SafeRise technology.

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The new technology allows in-motion identification at any access point, using advanced voice and facial recognition analysis. The results are quick and accurate, and much less intrusive than usual – without any keys, cards or codes.

“Each of us at FST21 are deeply honored to be recognized with this award,” said Major General Aharon Zeevi Farkash, Founder and CEO of the company. “The Digital Doorman is changing how people enter and exit their homes and offices. We are very proud to be receiving this very prestigious award and thank ASIS for this recognition.”

The system can be easily installed at any access point. It includes the SafeRise software, an all-in-one server, a full IP Intercom with digital directory, and a 5 megapixel IP dome camera.