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Security experts say that the Swiss Mini Gun may serve a “model” for other mini weapon systems that can be easily smuggled into restricted areas.


The Swiss Mini Gun, produced in Switzerland by SwissMiniGun, is considered the world’s smallest working revolver. The revolver measures merely 5.5 cm long, 3.5 cm tall and 1 cm wide, weighing only 19.8g. Ammunition is 2.34mm rimfire, also produced by SwissMiniGun. There is a key ring holster that comes with the gun when it is bought and can be clipped to a belt loop.

Many countries, including the US and the UK, forbid the importation of the Swiss Mini Gun over the ease of concealing the revolver.


Swiss Mini Gun is recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s smallest working revolver.

It’s total length does not exceed 5.5 cm. It shoots 2.34 mm caliber rim fire ammunition which was developed for it and which is the smallest rim fire ammunition in the World.

This miniature is a double action revolver and has all the same features as are found on a real size gun.

The Swiss company claims that the power of most airguns or BB guns, which are in many countries freely on sale, can exceed over 10 times the power of our ammunition.

The security experts say that while the power of this mini gun is actually small it can “create a great danger in the wrong hand in the wrong place”.

The problem they add is that some companies around the world may copy this Swiss miniature hand gun.