Security measures encompassing Israel’s aviation are unique. The special circumstances Israel faces, constantly threatened by terror attacks have lead to these solutions. When the danger is constant and very real technological innovation is alled upon to minimize the risk while maintaining inconvenience to passengers at a ‘reasonable’ level.

Security measures implemented at Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel-Aviv are different than in any other airport in the world. Most of the elements this enormous system are covert, far from sight but from time to time something is presented even if very partially.

This happened yesterday when the Israeli airports authority (IAA) has announced that passengers flying from Ben-Gurion airport in Tel-Aviv to the US will be able to carry with them liquids purchased at the airport Duty Free shops without the security limitations that apply elsewhere mainly in flights with a US destination.

The decision to waive the restriction followed a successful deployment of a new security system that screens bottled liquids  that are supplied to the airport’s duty free shops. The goods are inspected upon arrival and cleared for sale. Before handed over to the passengers the bottles are packed again in sealed bags in accordance with US security standards.

The methods used by the IAA’s security department are classified and most of them have been developed in Israel, according to the standards of the Israel general security service.

Security services at the Ben Gurion Airport will soon be stepped up further with the implementation of a new automated screening system augmenting the ‘Profile’ passenger screening that has been used for decades. New technology developed for this system will be a key enabler in implementing the transition. But the experts say that with all the technology, the human instincts of trained security personnel, will continue to be very important.

LDS 5500D Ultra Fast Explosive Scanner from Tamir Eshel on Vimeo.