iStock_000022280818XSmallThere is a renewed wave of pressure to use more cutting edge technology in the security systems that defend USA airports. That encourages some Israeli companies to use artificial intelligence for security applications.

In that context the professionals are pointing to some technologies that have been developed in Israel.
A unique artificial intelligence based system, enables more effective security checks method at Los Angeles international airport.

The Armor system was developed by scientists from the university of Southern California and Prof. Sarit Kraus, an expert in artificial intelligence from the Department of Computer Science at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel.
The “Assisted Randomized Motoring Over Routes” (ARMOR) is based on the randomization of counter-measures through which security forces attempt to foil the efforts of would-be terrorists. The goal of counter-measures is to reveal terrorists efforts to gather information about airport Vulnerabilities, and security protocols.

Unlike Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport, The Los Angeles International Airport is serviced by several major access roads, and there aren’t enough resources to stop and check every car.
The answer is smart randomization setting up checkpoints and patrols in an unpredictable pattern that provides sufficient protection for the most vulnerable areas, while preventing terrorists from predicting where the next inspection will take place.

This artificial intelligence based system provides a randomized schedule of where to set up check points and to send canine patrols while keeping security officer’s ability to override and change this automated scheduling.