The Security Market Communications Trends

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Picture14Very often one can learn about international market trends simply by speaking to the technology providers, that way you also get a wider perspective in different slices: vertical markets, geographical, etc.

Because almost every security project in communication and infrastructure is based on wireless communication the providers are an excellent indicator for market trends and directions.

The strongest technology trend today in the physical security world is going mobile – On-The-Move (OTM) used in police vehicles, mobile Command and Control centers, autonomous vehicles, cellular and mobile device users and more.

When RADWIN, a leading provider of wireless communication for different verticals looks at the physical security market these are the verticals that they identified:

  • Public transportation:   on-line video surveillance in tunnels for trains and on-board busses
  • Patrol and police maritime vessels
  • Municipal security and safety:  “Safe Cities” and smart cities.
  • Mega-events:  sports events, large conventions and more
  • Major sea ports:  cargo and ship tracking
  • Oil and energy facilities with emphasis on maritime sites – oil rigs, logistic ships and more
  • Airports: online surveillance and communication with all ground traffic in the airport’s operations zones


When integrators  approache a big project, they are focus on a few major parameters when taking into consideration which communication equipment to deploy: Commercial and pricing, “one convergence” communications system, which is full of IP for seamless integration with both legacy,  modern technologies and devices, one seamless system that holds all communications means (wired/wireless, backhaul and point-to-point (PTP), point-to-multi-point (PTMP) and mobile communications) flexibility in systems planning and management (Uplink/downlink, planning and monitoring tools) as well as maintenance and support for full life-cycle costs.


A unique requirement of the security world is a dis-proportion between the downlink and uplink streams. While in different applications the mass is in the downlink to provide the mobile and field users with the data (video/ browsing / off-line data) – in the security world most of the data flows  from the field to the control center via the uplink – when the most demanding  application as far as bandwidth is concerned it is live high-quality video from multiple sources.


According to Sharon Sher, RADWIN’s President and CEO, the company’s emphasis is on keeping the current business lines while developing the new ones:  opening vertical markets of which physical security is a leading vertical, and developing state of the art mobility solutions to answer the market’s growing requirements.