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9545292_sThe TSA is testing new screening procedures at airports in Denver, Honolulu, Tampa and Indianapolis. The effort to speed up security while also keeping screening a priority is reportedly supported by airport officials and passengers alike.

Denver International Airport started testing the procedure June 28 at one of its security checkpoints, according to a report from CBS4/ TSA bomb-sniffing dogs prescreen passengers, and if they pass, they are allowed through an expedited line without having to take off their shoes and removing their laptops and liquids from their carry-on bags.

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TSA has said the dogs are “extremely accurate,” and it is looking to add to its canine staff.

“What are we looking for? We’re looking for things that go boom. The dog takes care of that very, very effectively, and the rest of this is finding pointy objects,” aviation expert Mike Boyd is quoted as saying in the CBS4 report. “Well the only reason we take off our shoes and do all that over stuff is because the other machinery really doesn’t know how to look at it. So this makes a lot of sense for everybody.