egozi2This is a very simple equation. Israel military industries (IMI), is in a big problem. IMI is manufacturing systems for homeland security among other things. The problem stems from one main reason – the state owned company does not have the lobby in the right places – simple, but infuriating.

The company has other problems faced by many state owned companies, but without the lobby, this company struggles to survive. When you look at Israel’s defense needs, IMI is a crucial manufacturer. When you look at homeland security this company is not less crucial.

The relevant ministers, defense and treasury, simply do not find the time to sit and decide. This leaves the faith of IMI in the hands of some government officials. This has so far resulted a big zero.

First there was a plan to sell parts of IMI to other Israeli defense companies. That did not work. After that, the idea was to privatize it in one piece. Again, this was left on paper. So in that situation, IMI is trying to continue and develop the hardware for a major war and for home land security with what it has.

The attitude of the government, namely the officials, to IMI is as if this company manufactures furniture, and not the crucial tools of war and homeland security. Almost each month, the company’s management has to beg for the money to pay the salaries. “Unacceptable” is the understatement of the decade.

I can assess that the investigation committee is only a matter of time. This will happen after the situation will slap the faces of the people that are supposed to solve these problems. They are about to be the first to testify about this abnormal situation that they have created by not getting involved.

A country that is facing the threats Israel faces, cannot afford such an equation that reflects the fact that politicians do not like to put their hands into hot water even when the security of the country is at stake.