A new security concept for airports perimeter protection

A new security concept for airports perimeter protection

An illustration image of Magna's security concept

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Airport protected by Magna system
Airport protected by Magna system

Airports are known as potential targets for many terror organizations. As a result huge sums of money are invested in the perimeter defense of airports particularly in “sensitive” areas.

Airports today are not only a common way of transportation but as an essential lifeline of countries, districts and local cities.

Based on its experience in the HLS field, Magna BSP developed an easy to operate, simple to install and extremely efficient system for airport protection.

Magna developed a unique system based on cameras that created a 3D image and sophisticated algorithms ensuring an over 99% detection rate and a minimum false alarm rate (positive and negative).

Magna uses the same principle as a human body – two eyes and a brain.

i-HLS Israel Homeland Security 

The concept 

The common way of using multiple sensors (as indicative fence, seismograph sensors, short range VMD cameras and more) gives the client a system which is penetrable, unreliable and with high costs of maintenance.

Magna, based on its advanced technology, uses Magna towers. Each tower comprises of 4 cameras, works day and night  and cover s a strip up to 1-1.5Km.

An illustration image of Magna's security concept
An illustration image of Magna’s security concept

In case of alert, an automatic pop-up window will appear on the operator’s screen. The alert is depicted in video, audio and map coordinates.

As a result, Magna’s system has over 99% detection rate while keeping on ultra-low rate of false alarm, positive and negative and also cost effective in terms of power supply, systems integration, equipment and maintenance.

Magna has implemented several dozens of systems in Israel and overseas including borders, airports, seaports, nuclear reactors, critical infrastructure and more.

A command and control software for video management from several systems at the same time is optional.