Fourth of July terror alert in the U.S.

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20138035_sThe U.S. is on high alert, fear of Fourth of July terror attacks has law enforcement officials across the U.S on the lookout for potential terrorists on Thursday.

According to the Daily Mail the notice was issued in a ‘Roll Call Release’ by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, and obtained by ABC News.

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While officials said there weren’t any credible threats tied to the holiday as of Friday night, the recent Boston Marathon bombings have caused concern about other independent extremist ‘knuckleheads’ like the Tsarnaev brothers.

Bombs over Boston: Boston has one of the largest Independence Day celebrations in the country, which makes it a target for another potential terrorist attack.

In fact, the Tsarnaev brothers had planned their attack for the Fourth of July, but executed it a few months early during the Boston Marathon once their bombs were ready. Investigators found firework explosive powder in the bomb remains.

The Tsarnaev brothers didn’t seem to have a strong connection to foreign terrorist cells so avoiding another lone-ranger attack is ‘of paramount concern’ for the national holiday.

The national significance of the holiday combined with the ‘crowd density’ it creates, means there is a greater ‘opportunity to perpetuate a mass casualty attack.’

According to one law enforcement official, ‘out of an abundance of caution’ the New York Field Office of the FBI is sending two bomb-technicians up to Boston for the holiday to help out.

The abundance of fireworks on sale for the holiday is worrisome since firework explosive powders can be adapted for use in homemade bombs, similar to the pressure-cooker bomb used at the Boston Marathon in April.

‘Recent incidents in the Homeland demonstrate that consumer fireworks – widely used during the upcoming [July 4] celebrations – can be misused by criminals and violent extremists to construct improvised explosive devices,’ the notice said.

Local law enforcement officials were instructed to pay close attention during the holiday and take notice of anyone asking questions ‘that go beyond mere curiosity about the potential damage fireworks could cause.’