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“Senso Optics”, an Israeli company in the market of design, development and production of innovative thermal imaging technologies and advanced electro-optical solutions for military, paramilitary and security markets, announces the new Compact, High-Resolution, 640 x 480, 17µ Pixel size Miniature Thermal Sensor, the “X-Lite”. The X-lite is a compact and lightweight Thermal Imaging Camera core for night vision.

“We did a tremendous amount of work developing improved thermal technologies for our Camera line, and we were able to achieve genuinely impressive reproduction in miniaturized form,” says Jacob Dagan, President & CEO of Senso Optics. “The results were so successful that we were able to extend them to dedicated LWIR (long-wave infrared) products like our new cameras and sensors systems. You simply have to see the video output in the field to believe what’s possible from a compact High-Resolution Thermal Sensor.”

i-HLS Israel Homeland Security

X-Lite 1The Senso Optics Thermal Sensor X-Lite is 30mm x 34mm x 41mm size (with IO and power cards) and less than 80g weight. Boasting hi resolution 640×480, with 17µ pixel size, the X-Lite generates sharp and clear images which allow better detection, and enable the user to see clearly in total darkness. It gives law enforcement officers, search & rescue teams, security patrols and any other person that needs to see at night without being seen, the required information.

The X-lite is equipped with a Smart Algorithms e.g. – Anti-Blooming, Drivers for zoom & focus lens control, High detailing (HD) ClatinexTM algorithm, TemperatureRange compression and more.

X-Lite 2