IRON DOME 5While openly Israel is busy with the upcoming elections,  in the back rooms behind closed doors the country is preparing for the worst scenario and assessing that none of the international efforts vis a vis the Palestinians , Iran and Syria will remove the threat.

While for now the situation in the west bank, Gaza, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon is keeping the flames, in the local arena, the situation can change in a matter of hours.

The threat of the unconventional weapons in Syria and the more conventional threats from Gaza, Lebanon and even the west bank is the reason for an Israeli effort to prepare the population for the worst possible scenario.

The preparations in many aspects are connected to terror acts that may starts in a coordinated action. Home land security in this situation is seen a different light. This time the home front command may be faced with challenges that did not exist in past “rounds”

Technology plays a major role in the preparedness process. I cannot be more specific, but the efforts to anticipate the possible scenarios and to be ready to handle them, were never so intense.

So the elections are in the headlines. In the background, the people in charge of Israel’s home land security are very busy.