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Magal-S3, provider of comprehensive solutions for protection of critical sites and a leading producer of peripheral protection systems and smart fences has entered the field of Cyber.

Fortis Cyber Hi Res - a combined system of Magal for cyber protection, physical protection and Command and Control
Fortis Cyber Hi Res – a combined system of Magal for cyber protection, physical protection and Command and Control

The company is in advanced stages of development of dedicated cyber protection products for the physical security market. It will provide comprehensive solutions for cyber protection of critical sites, focusing on treatment of protection and physical security systems being exposed to cyber attacks.

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Magal provides to many countries over the world comprehensive peripheral protection systems, including electronic equipment, sensors, command and control systems, communications, cameras and radar systems. VO Marketing of Magal, Hagay Katz, explains: “All these protection systems are exposed to cyber threats. In our world today a potential intruder will start intrusion to the site by cyber activities, such as neutralizing the smart fence connected to an unencrypted communication network, or penetration of entry control system software, in a way that will enable a criminal to enter through the main door. A good hacker can handle the security network, sensors and electronic cameras.  If somebody succeeds in freezing the picture of the camera installed on the smart fence, the system is in fact paralyzed, and it will not identify an intrusion attempt. Similarly, the electricity, water, information and communication networks are exposed and require logical protection from the threats. Therefore we consider the field of cyber as an essential and complementary one.  This is why we have purchased a small company, specializing in analysis and identification of traffic in computer networks and wireless communications. “


A comprehensive solution for site protection includes a collection of tools and solutions, most of which are, of course, made by other vendors, for initial monitoring,  blocking of entries to the site (such as a “firewall”), software components in the networks and contents storage of the site, tools for detection of exceptions, etc.

A protection system based on these products will ensure that the computer networks do not contain viruses, Trojan horses etc., and will detect intrusions or exceptional behavior of unauthorized persons in the communication networks.  Hagay Katz says: “We shall provide an advanced traditional physical protection system for the site, and will add on top of it an additional layer – protection from cyber attacks. This is an extension of the multi-layer protection concept, claiming that a critical site has to be protected by means of several layers of smart fences, sensors, cameras, radar, etc. – and now a new innovative layer is being added – cyber protection”.

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