The special role of the Israeli Border Patrol

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1505_mb_file_6c909“We are the main police force that keeps law and order in the rural areas but we also have a major role in supporting the police in the cities,” says commander Meir Dadon, chief of the Israel Border Patrol central command

Dadon spoke with I-Hls in a conference that dealt with the cooperation of the border patrol police and the security coordinators in the rural areas.

He said that the border patrol units are actually the operational arm of the “Blue” police. He added that in the rural areas there is a very close cooperation with the citizens and with those who are in charge of security in a given area. “The teamwork is the secret behind  the results we achieve” he said and referred mainly to the big problem of burglaries and theft of agricultural equipment.

IMG-20130613-WA0011The border patrol units, Dadon reveals, are supported by some 2000 volunteers that have been trained and whose authority is very similar to that of a policeman.

Does the fact that your people are trained mainly as fighters make it a problem for them to handle routine police situations?

“Not at all. My men are trained to handle the full scope of situations required from a policeman”

i-HLS Israel Homeland Security

Dadon said that in spite of the budget restraints he does not see a cut in his manpower.  “We might even see some increase as the importance of this force is so obvious in any aspect of life”.

IMG-20130613-WA0012The unique nature of the Israeli border patrol police makes this force very special and a model for other police forces in the world.

In a special exhibition some israeli companies displayed relevant systems – among them – Team 3,EL FAR, Amicell and Aviv systems