To see through the wall

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This Israeli technology is constantly improved and used by anti terror units around the world.


The Xaver 100 developed by Camero is an ultra-portable, handheld and durable presence of life detector. The Xaver 100 provides military, law enforcement and Search & Rescue personnel critical information in real-time about the presence of life and its distance behind a wall, enabling better tactical decision making in various operational scenarios such as:

Tactical Entry/Assault – Alert operators to the presence of potential threats

1Hostage Recovery – Quickly determine which spaces are occupied

Search & Rescue – Effective detection of trapped or injured people

Breaching – Plan for effective and safe entries

Force Protection – Create a”Virtual Window” to spot external approaching threats. Providing a clear operational advantage and the ability to”step into the known”.

The Xaver 100 has been deployed by users worldwide. The Israeli company would not identify them.

i-HLS Israel Homeland Security


Technical Specifications

Device type                                              Handheld through-wall radar

Penetrable wall Materials                      Cement, plaster, brick,   concrete,

reinforced concrete, adobe,  stucco,

drywall and many other standard

building materials

Detection range                                      4m, 8m, 20m

Field of view                                            120° in both Azimuth and Elevation

Display mode                                 Indication of target presence, movement

direction, and distance

Frequency range                                    3GHz to 10GHz

Resolution                                               Better than 15cm

Dimensions                                             L:21.8cm, W:9.7cm, D:6.5cm

Weight                                             630 gr, with 2 AA Batteries

660 gr, with 4 A123 Batteries

Power supply                                 2 AA Batteries or 4 C123 Batteries

Battery operation time                           2 AA Batteries – 2 hours

4 A123 Batteries – 3.5 hours

Wireless capability                                 Optional built-in wireless module for

remote monitoring and control



o   Ultra portable and compact.

o   Optimized ergonomic and rugged design.

o   Reliable detection of life behind most common wall materials.

o   Simple user interface for clear and immediate interpretation.

o   Indication of target presence, movement direction and distance 20m detection range.

o   Enables Stand-off operation (within the detection range).

o   Coexistence capability for operation of multiple Xaver 100 units simultaneously.

o   Optional internal wireless capability for remote monitoring and control.

o   Complies with MIL-STD-810F.

i-HLS Israel Homeland Security


The Xaver 100 utilizes a state-of-the-art system architecture, encompassing multiple cutting edge technologies. A unique and micro-power Ultra-Wideband (UWB) pulsed radar sensor that operates at very high bandwidth for industry leading performance. Mathematical algorithms are used to cope with cluttered environments resulting in a highly reliable object presence and distance detection. A simple user interface and ultra-portable form factor are key features of the design. The Xaver™ 100 has an optional internal wireless module for full remote control and viewing options.

Radiation Safety

The Xaver 100 is completely radiation safe. It is designed to provide superior performance while meeting the requirements of ICNIRP-1998 radiation exposure restriction; and an available version for the FCC OET Bulletin 65 – Limits for General Population/ Uncontrolled Exposure.