Like A Crystal Ball for Brands – Predicting and Managing Virality

images provided by Pixabay and VieRally

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Social media is an unprecedented landscape of opportunities and hazards for brands. One Tweet can make your brand soar to the heights of popularity or crash into a scandal. The existing tools for brands are only retroactive– akin to driving your car with only a rearview mirror.

This is a current problem for many brands, with today’s market leaning heavily on the influence of various social media platforms for their success. Brands are constantly trying to predict the next viral trend, the next popular post, or to prevent a scandal before it even begins.

This is where VieRally comes in – “VieRally platform predicts the hazards and opportunities for brands, letting them know what’s coming and how to shape the future,” says CEO and Founder of VieRally Adam Almozlino.

Despite there being several tool classes on the market, there is nothing that does what VieRally is providing. One existing tool class is more of a deep analysis of the past, which is much better for long-term dynamic identification of strategies for years. The second tool provides a look at whole trend levels, for example alerting that a certain term is going to be trending in the next four days.

The first tool is not useful for the short term or for the future and is akin to only looking in the rearview mirror, is more guessing work and isn’t very effective. The second tool takes a while to generate predictions, and even if it does, they tend to be pretty general and not very granular (a certain term being trending is not a foolproof recipe for a viral post).

VieRally is the first Predictive Brand Management platform, revolutionizing how brands, agencies, and their teams proactively market and manage their brand, and protect against reputational risk. With VieRally’s predictive insights, brands can intervene proactively, capitalize on opportunities, and mitigate threats before they impact their reputation.

Image provided by VieRally

Backed by venture funding, the company has achieved remarkable success, predicting highly viral posts 72 hours ahead of time with over 90% accuracy. VieRally’s customers include major government bodies and Fortune 100 companies.

VieRally is a graduate of the INNOFENSE Innovation Center operated by iHLS in collaboration with IMoD. A unique acceleration program that removes entrance barriers to the technological ecosystem turning startups into mature, leading companies while connecting them with relevant investors, which is designed to strengthen the links between the civilian and defense markets via the collaborative development of the technologies, thus advancing and improving their integration in both markets.

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