See, Control, Protect

See, Control, Protect

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11274934_s“Comprehensive endpoint protection is the foundation of a company’s security”, that was the title for Kaspersky Labs’ announcement of its new enterprise product, Endpoint Security for Business. It was also the main theme of the launch event held in Tel-Aviv.

“In 1994, there was a new unique malware code every hour. In 1996 there was a new one every minute. In 2012 – every second, and in the beginning of 2013 – every half-second”, said Sergey Novikov, Deputy Director of Global Research & Analysis Team at Kaspersky Labs. “But according to a survey conducted for Kaspersky, IT decision-makers think there are only 35,000 new threats a day, compared to about 200,000 in reality. Half of them believe their organizations are able to cope well with these threats, and a third of them are ‘overwhelmed’ by security demands and regulations”.

In a list of threats he presented, the biggest one was the human factor. “Today, everyone uses social networks. I don’t understand why people working at banks need access to Facebook”, said Novikov, who elaborated that sites like that are constantly used to spread malicious links, including ones that install malware posed as Flash or Java updates. A slide showing the world’s most unsecure software crowned Oracle’s Java and Adobe’s Reader and Flash the kings of security holes, with 28% and 15%, accordingly.

He also elaborated on the threat posed by smart mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, presenting a tremendous rise in unique mobile malware pieces in the last 8 years – from 1,160 in 2004 to 44 million in 2012.

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In Israel, according to Kaspersky data, 29.4% of users are prone to web attacks, and 31% are exposed by malware installed locally on their machines. The most used security holes here are Java (21%), Flash (17%), Quicktime and Picasa (8% each).

To address these problems in the business sector, said Noam Froimovici, Co-CEO of Power Communication, Kaspersky Labs’ official distributor in Israel, the company is launching its new enterprise package as a one-stop-shop to protect all possible weaknesses in companies and organizations. To do that, the product combines all necessary defense mechanisms in one platform.

Kaspersky’s solution includes network protection, data encryption, mobile security and tools to manage everything. Under the motto “See, Control, Protect”, the company uses the cloud to let IT professionals see the devices in the network, control their access to data and protect them from various threats. The cloud also uses as a security rating database for applications, that lets the suite use a white-listing mechanism, enabling apps that are marked as safe to freely connect to the web, while closely monitoring traffic from apps that are outdated or “not safe”.

The system, says Froimovici, is scalable and offered in 4 different configurations to different sizes of businesses. According to him, annual cost is only half of that of a one-hour “downtime” caused by malware.

By: Yair Mor