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Chinese drone maker QYSEA released its latest underwater drone called the FIFISH E-GO. The drone is modular and has an upgraded power and imaging system, multi-load capabilities, and AI-powered features.

The FIFISH E-GO’s new modular design includes detachable components for its motor, lighting, camera, and battery, providing at least 2.5 hours of power so that any module that needs reparations can be replaced swiftly (even within minutes). It can also accommodate up to six tools simultaneously, making it incredibly versatile. The ring-wing motors allow for speeds of over 5.6 kph while resisting underwater currents.

According to Interesting Engineering, QYSEA also developed an AI Vision Lock feature that allows the FIFISH to achieve adaptive stabilization and lock onto target objects underwater with a touch on the remote control screen.

FIFISH-EGO can accurately measure the underwater dimensions of objects and identify damaged areas in structures with high levels of precision, which is made possible through add-on tools, traditional laser scaling, and AI automation. The drone comes with a 176-degree ultra-wide fisheye lens that offers a 146-degree ultra-wide field of view. However, the lens is attached to a relatively small sensor, which may not be sufficient even for a bright and clear day above the water surface, let alone underwater. This means that the sensor is expected to perform below par with most smartphone cameras and may not produce images and videos of high enough quality.

All in all, there is definitely a market demand for affordable, user-friendly underwater robots nowadays, and while not exactly cheap, the E-Go (which costs $7,348) is less expensive than high-end cinema robots (like the BoxFish Luna) and is much simpler to operate.