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The US startup Regent wants to transform coastal transportation with by developing an electric seaglider- an innovative watercraft designed to seamlessly navigate both the waves and the air, offering a unique and efficient mode of travel for coastal communities.

Regent’s electric seaglider Viceroy is revolutionizing transportation technology- neither a boat nor an airplane but a floating glider capable of accommodating 12 passengers, the key feature of this marine craft is its ability to transition between three different modes during a single journey.

According to Interesting Engineering, from the dock, the vehicle will float on its hull. Upon reaching 32 kph, it will rise on its retractable hydrofoil. When it reaches the open sea, it smoothly transitions to its wing, retracts the aileron, and accelerates until reaching a comfortable cruising speed of 290 kph.

Regent reportedly envisions the seaglider as a sustainable solution for coastal transportation. It is 100 percent electric (emitting no pollutants) and has lower noise levels compared to conventional airplanes or helicopters. Neither a boat nor a plane, the Viceroy combines the best of both worlds, with CEO of Regent Billy Thalheimer stating: “It is a fully electric flying craft that combines the speed, comfort, and navigation systems of an aircraft with the convenience, maneuverability, and affordability of a boat.”

Regent’s seaglider flies low over the water, taking advantage of the Wing-in-Ground-Effect and flying on a dynamic air cushion created by pressurized air between the wings and the water. This flying method offers significant operational efficiencies, greater load capacity, and extended range.

The company performed successful flight tests with a quarter-scale model, which has fueled optimism regarding the project. Thalheimer now reportedly aims for flight tests with a full-size prototype in 2024, intending to launch the Viceroy for commercial service in 2025.

With a focus on sustainability, efficiency, and innovation, Regent is poised to revolutionize coastal transportation with its electric seaglider.