Anti Terror Weapons- Precise and with Limited Damage

iStock_000002153884XSmallIsraeli companies continue to develop special weapon systems for urban warfare and anti terror operation in densely populated areas.

The aim is to minimize the collateral damage. The lessons learned from a long list of anti terror operations in Gaza and the West bank, are embedded in the new weapon systems. the Israeli companies report a great interest from other countries that have “similar needs”.

Most of the new weapon systems are classified, but one system that was partially exposed in the past, points to the development direction. This one is the “Urban Warhead” developed by Israel military industries (IMI).

According to the company, the warhead is used on helicopter launched missiles. It is capable of piercing heavily reinforced targets. After it penetrates the outer shell, the secondary phase is based on special fragmentation. “This warhead was developed for special targets” an IMI source said. He refused to elaborated but said that the warhead’s weight in “not more than 10 kgs”.

The new warhead does not require changes in the operational modes of the air-surface missile.

This one example point to a trend that was initiated to answer the specific need of urban warfare that in many cases is against terrorists taking shelter in highly populated areas.